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Product Condition: Statue unexposed and in excellent condition – New and Sealed

Manufacturer : Oniri Creations

Dimensions : approx. H 70cm, P 92cm, L 89cm

Scale : 1/6

Weight : 65 kilos (given as an indication)

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Limited edition of 99 copies

From a technical point of view, we have incorporated into this diorama many high-end materials in order to bring overall rendering increased realism. Thus, the Guts skin parts are made of semi-translucent resin. The skin seems to breathe, the veins subtly painted adding to the realism. For Zodd, we absolutely wanted the claws to be translucent. A real technical challenge in terms of molding. The wings of Zodd are obviously not left behind because they are made of “clear” resin and then painted with many layers of transparent inks. Its wings subtly let the light, their appearance seems organic and natural. As you approach the wings you will distinguish the veins that make up the membrane.

Everything has been detailed to the maximum. The teeth and tongue parts of Zodd are also translucent resin, dyed with inks. The glossy polish applied at the end of this process brings the character to life. We did not want the focus to be solely on Guts and Zodd. The vortex they cross is treated as a character in its own right. Through the sculpture full of subtle details, but also the material used. The “cloud” parts are made of semi-translucent resin that we later dyed with shades ranging from gray to blue, passing through the mauve.

The reflections vary depending on how you look at the room, and depending on the lighting used. For the base, we chose something refined in a medieval style made of wood and metal with the center of the mark of sacrifice. The statue has required many months of work for the entire team and we hope it will delight all Berserk fans!

The Bloody Exclusive version is limited to only 99 copies worldwide. This variant is distinguished by the addition of blood and dirt on Guts as well as on the heads, the Berserker, the arms and the Dragon Slayer. This color addition adds a gore effect that should delight more than one fan!

*The position of the blood will be different from the prototype



  • DIMENSIONS H 70cm, L 89cm, P 92cm
  • LICENCE Berserk
  • ECHELLE 1/6
  • SCULPTEUR Pierre-Marie Albert
  • PEINTRE Kevin Ferrer
  • CONCEPT Oniri Creations, Alexandre Chaudret

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