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Milano Starship Replica – Guardians of the Galaxy – IMAGINARIUM ART

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Milano Starship Replica – Guardians of the Galaxy – IMAGINARIUM ART

Limited edition of 500 copies



Peter Quill flew the Milano to Morag to retrieve The Orb situated there. He later returned to his ship after being chased by Korath. While making his escape, the Milano was hit by a random geyser, causing the engines to be cut. Quill narrowly reactivated the engines before he hit the ground. He then discovered that his current flame, Bereet was still aboard.

The Milano then traveled to Xandar to exchange the Orb to an intermediary known as the Broker. However, the ship is impounded by the Nova Corps after Quill caused a bit of mayhem with Gamora, Rocket and Groot, and sent to the Kyln. Quill managed to form an alliance with these other misfits, including Drax the Destroyer, to escape the Kyln, retaking the Milano in the process

They then traveled to Knowhere to sell the Orb to The Collector. But when Quill and Gamora are captured by the Ravagers, Rocket, Groot and Drax take the Milano to attack Yondu’s carrier, threatening to blow the ship up if they didn’t hand over their friends. Thankfully, that became unnecessary, as they were able to convince the Ravagers to assist them against Ronan the Accuser.

The Milano later flew in formation with the Ravagers over Xandar against Ronan’s ship, the Dark Aster, and the only ship to penetrate the mothership. It is subsequently destroyed when the Dark Aster crashed into the capitol city, though the Nova Corps later rebuilt it out of gratitude for saving Xandar. The newly named Guardians of the galaxy then depart Xandar in the Milano for their next adventure.

Size: 120cm(W) x 40cm(D) x 40cm(H)
Weight: 20kg with Base
L.E.D. Lightings: Base
Material: Fibre Glass/Resin/PU
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